Applications in Remote Sensing

“Colombia Anfibia vol. 2”

After volume 1 of Colombia Anfibia, now also volume 2 has been released. Colombia Anfibia: Volume 2 is a publication of the Humboldt Institute in Colombia (The National Institute for the study of Biodiversity). SarVision participated in the creation of a Frequency Flooding Map for the whole Colombian territory.

Colombian Amazon

The last two years SarVision is collaborating with the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) in Colombia to create the basis for a regional monitoring system. Base line mapping on Vegetation types and wetland extension are the main products to be use as a base to understand deforestation patterns.

Plantation age mapping

The yield of plantations changes with the aging of the plantations. That is why, in order to make accurate predictions about the yield of plantations, mapping the age of plantations is needed.

New website

Thursday 28h of April the new website of SarVision has been launched. Not all information is yet available on the website, but we hope the website will be fully operational as soon as possible.

Kalimantan jungle

SarVision runs several projects in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Illegal logging as well as the emergence of illegal oil palm plantations are being monitored on a monthly basis.

Oilpalm mapping in Borneo, Indonesia

Sarvision is currently working on a project, together with the Wageningen University, to map all oilpalm plantations in Borneo. During this project both ALOS Palsar-2 L-Band radar, allwell as Sentinel-1 C-band Radar is being used.

Welcome to SarVision

SarVision is a spin-off from Wageningen University (WUR) based in the Netherlands. SarVision pioneers the operational application of systematic satellite and airborne monitoring and mapping systems for environmental and natural resource management. Our innovative systems provide our partners with the latest maps and information on land and forest cover, change, fire and hydrology, updated on a regular basis (monthly to yearly).


SarVision contributes to numerous sustainable development efforts in tropical forest regions around the globe, working directly with organisations as diverse as space agencies, multilateral institutions, government …


In the last ten years SarVision, based on specific requirements from diverse type of users, has developed a series of products for the observation of the earth surface. Many of the products are based on “what the radar can see”.


Besides aiming at the advancement of application in practice of mapping and monitoring applications, the foundation of SarVision warrants continuity in the development …